Hello again

I have been locked out of my account here again and also quite ill, but i’m back!

Maybe I shouldn’t have dipped my feet into the freezing cold North Sea the other day, maybe I wouldn’t be so weak and infectious right now, but i feel like it was worth it. And so was the rest of our excursion with Emmaline Besamusca for our Dutch Present Day Society course. We saw [and heard but didn’t understand] Dutch parliament in progress, and walked all over De Haag, to the peace palace, and then caught the train to Scheveningen beach where I pushed the threat of illness too far and walked into the water.

I move house tomorrow, and am on seemingly good terms with the landlady, so hopefully i will be repaid my bond and the 2nd month’s rent that I have not used. It is a lot of money so i’m trying not to think about it too much. I hope if she gives me problems I don’t have less rights for having moved already when i seek help. She has called me back every time I text her or leave a message, but she does not text so i have no evidence of the things she has said to me. I really don’t feel like fighting a slumlord while i’m here but I will if i have to and if it prevents others from the same fate. That aside, I am very happy to be moving in with Dutch people. I’ve bought an Engels – Nederlands Woordenboek and will endeavour to learn as much Dutch as I can. It will be so much easier under those circumstances I only hope they don’t find my attempts too distressing.

As for studies, it is now the end of week 3 and the essays are laid out. I love my subjects and that there is only 2 per term. I wish Australian universities would copy this.






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  1. Kimberly Tillyer Strudwick says:

    any news on the previous posts gone missing?

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