Moving on to a new story (The last one)

It was about a half a year ago in the middle of Polish winter. I was in my room, sitting by the computer, writing the first entry of my newly created blog. In a couple of days I was to leave my home and fly to Australia. Leave everything behind and move to the land on the other side of the World, the land Down Under. I had been preparing for the journey for a few months, getting more and more excited with every day and after I finally got my visa there was nothing more to stress about. However, in the last week before the flight I got nervous. I never felt like it was hard for me to adapt to new situations but  I never liked drastic changes either. At the same time, I had that strange feeling that something would change, that things would change. I was really looking forward to that, I didn’t like my monotonous life. I had no clue how many things would actually change. That in fact everything would change.

That was a half a year ago.

Saturday, 28.07.2012

I’m sitting in my room, it’s my last night in Australia. Although it’s really late I’m not sleepy. It’s incredible, outrageous how time flies. I remember my first days, every single time I felt enchanted, ravished, in awe. Yet all of this is already behind me. My bags are packed. Tomorrow I will go to the City for the last time to sit on the stairs where I sat on my first weekend in Brisbane. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Like it was today. I’ll buy some more Tim Tams (I already have 9 packs in my suitcase), buy the last souvenirs, eat the last lunch, post this entry on the blog, say ‘goodbye’ to my friends and go to the airport. Although yesterday I still didn’t realize I was leaving soon, now I’m already aware of that and I’m really sad about it. It’s quite good that it’s so late and I can’t listen to any music. I’m sure I would have played some sad songs and turn into a mess. Instead I’m sitting in bed and feeling very sad without any soundtrack. It’s obvious, all good things come to an end. We all know that yet it’s still hard to accept it. But even though I’m feeling really miserable right now, under all the temporary sorrow, I’m happy.

In the last couple of years I felt my life was boring, stagnant. I thought nothing interesting, inspiring was hapenning to me. I had ideas and great plans but none of them ever came true. None of them ever came true because I was a coward waiting for things to happen just like that, without any work, any commitment, anything. Because I thought I was destined to achieve something big.  Every day was exactly the same: getting up, classes, going to the movies. I thought nothing would ever change and that I would end up as a failure. But then something happened. I got an email from my institute about an opportunity to study in Australia. I thought I would give it a try, there was nothing to lose. I prepared my resume, the letter of purpose, some letters of recommendations. I submitted everything on the last day. I didn’t feel very confident about my interview with the coordinators of the project yet from the very first moment after learning about the program I believed that in the end I would be among the people chosen to go to Australia. I didn’t know why I felt that way but I knew I would go. I really really wanted it to happen. Couple of weeks later I received a message with congratulations. I was accepted by one of the universities Down Under. I was going to Australia. I was surprised, I knew it would happen but I was still surprised. I thought the World was at my feet. They say that the most beautiful things in life happen by surprise. They also say that ‘Life happens when you’re busy making other plans’. That was the most beautiful surprise in my life and it happened to me when I least expected it while I was meticulously planning my future. More than a year earlier I never would have thought I would ever go to a place like Australia. If someone told me about it, I would probably say: ‘Yeah, right…’. Now my adventure is already ending. I’m coming back to Poland tomorrow but I’m coming back changed. Nothing will ever feel the same.

The journey to Australia has been the most beautiful, spiritual thing that happened to me in my whole life. I saw breathtaking places, amazing animals and nature larger-than-life but above all I opened my eyes to things that I never noticed before. I became more curious about the World. Now I wanna go to faraway places, feel them, experience them, discover them. I know it might not sound special but only after coming here have I realized that travelling is one of the most amazing things in life. I dream about going to exotic places, going everywhere ! However, the most important thing is that I noticed myself, my strength. It might have been because of the Australian lifestyle philosophy or something else. Now I feel like I can do anything, that I can achieve anything I want with enough faith and hard work. Everything is possible, one just have to take matters into their own hands and really really want it. And I truly believe in that. My goal right now is to make things happen. We’ll see how it goes.

Although I didn’t miss my family after leaving Poland, I still spent some time thinking about them and I’ve realized how much they had done for me. I learned to fully appreciate them. We’ve had some disagreements in the past but that doesn’t matter now. They’re my family, I love them unconditionally and I really want them to be happy.

Sunday 29.07.2012

On the last night I slept for less than 4 hours  so when I woke up in the morning I felt half-dead. I didn’t have enough time to stay in bed so I got up, took a shower and went to the City. I walked to the Story Bridge lookout, sat down on the stairs just like I did when I first came to the City. I was sad. I thought about all the amazing things that happened to me in Australia. I knew I would miss it. Miss its beauty, its nature, its laid-back character and optimism. I’ll miss its tastes and my culinary experiments with spices and ingredients nowhere to be found in Poland. I sat there for a while and had to go. But before that I made a wish.

I walked to Queen Street, bought last souvenirs and strolled to South Bank where I spend some time looking at the City from the other side of the river. I said goodbye and walked on the bus. After coming back to the flat I finished packing, vacuumed the room and ate some noodles. Couple of minutes past five I left to the airport. Even though my Australian trip was almost over I knew it would stay with me forever. It was time to move on to a new story. It was the end of the chapter but the rest of the book was still to be written…

This is the end of this blog.

This is the end of my Australian journey.


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1 Response to Moving on to a new story (The last one)

  1. Lachlan Williams says:

    Wow, what a moving post. Even though I’m an Aussie in Poland, now, I’m very proud reading this blog.
    I am glad you enjoyed your stay in Australia.
    But I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your personal journey and how a small idea has changed the course of your life forever.
    I only hope my exchange will bring about as much self-fulfillment.



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