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After coming back to Brisbane from my journey across Australia I’ve been feeling a bit bored now and then. I guess I know where that came from, comebacks are never easy, especially  after seeing so many glorious places . The weather hasn’t been very nice it’s been cold & cloudy or cold, cloudy & rainy at the same time. As I’ve mentioned before, the whole trip was the peak of my journey to Australia and that’s probably why everything afterwards felt like going downhill. Maybe it’s good, in a way. I love sunny weather and the burning Sun will be one of the things I’ll remember the most about Australia. Perhaps the winter is letting me know that it’s time for me to follow the Sun and go back to the summery Poland.

I tried to find some new places to visit but the task’s been a pretty hard one especially after having already much of Brisbane and not having enough money to go to Fiji, Thailand or anywhere else abroad. One day me, Claudia & Patrick went to New Farm to have a bit of a walk. It was my second time in New Farm and it looked much worse in the rain but it was still nice. We took a ferry back to the City and were able to see some of the city’s tallest buildings from the ground (water?) level. On another other rainy day I went to UQ Lakes where me & Claudia strolled through the campus, watched ducks and other birds in the lakes and talked about stuff and other people. Of course, on the way I did the most ‘reasonable’ thing of all and left my umbrella on the bus so these days I have to pretend that I don’t actually care about the rain (which is a bit of an overstatement because I bloody hate when it rains). The whole afternoon was quite nice and UQ Lakes was one of the few places that actually don’t like that bad when it rains.  I also spent a couple of evenings playing ‘Monopoly’. I still love the game, it doesn’t get old and it’s still feels more than exciting to play it.

When there’s not much to do, there’s nothing better than reading cook books and cooking so again I’ve expanded the list of recipes worth trying and indeed tried some of them. My Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (with udon O.o I know, I know, udon are not something that a Vietnamese cook would necessarily put in a dish but I couldn’t help it, I love they’re chunkiness. Though I’ve never been to Vietnam, I ate some Vietnamese food and my soup had that specific Vietnamese taste but was so much better at the same time. Also, it marked the first time when I successfully cooked beef and it finally didn’t feel like eating a shoe. A truly epic success, at least in my scale. I also made a Pavlova. I’ve made Pavs before but felt like it would only be appropriate to bake one while being in the area of its origin – Oceania. To me Pavlova was one of the easiest things to bake and this time … I screwed it up spectacularly ^^ I really wanted to eat it though so I made a new one. It didn’t expand significantly enough in the oven but was still delicious. Afterwards I found myself with 12 egg yolks and no ideas what to use them for. I put them in the freezer and I’m afraid that’s where they’re gonna stay.

On one evening me & Fumiko went to the City to walk the Story Bridge (and on the way passed Brisbane’s tiny Chinatown) which has the best view of the CBD, especially after dark. It really did look amazing. If you saw Brisbane from that perspective just after coming here you’d think it was a dynamic city which never sleeps. Unfortunately this a tad far from the truth because Brisbane usually goes to sleep pretty early.

Before going on my trip me & a couple of friends luckily found an amazing deal on Groupon and bought tickets on a whale watching cruise for only 46$ each. Usually they coast more than 90$ and I really, really wanted to do it so was very happy about the whole thing. We didn’t book it though and the decision about the date was made 2 days before we decided to go. I knew it would be all booked. The whale watching season is short so a lot of people book cruises in advance. Of course, the cruise was booked which made me quite upset. I tried to sell my ticket to get some money and buy a regular ticket from some other company. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to buy it even though it was such an amazing deal. I decided to give it a try once again and wrote another e-mail to the company in which I mentioned that I really wanted to go on such a cruise and that I was leaving Australia in 8 days and that it was my last opportunity to see the humpbacks. On the next day I got a response saying that it was my lucky day and that they had opened one more cruise on Saturday and already booked it for me. I was so happy ! Just a day before my flight back to Poland I will go on my last Australian adventure and I’m really excited about it. (Though I’m not excited about having to pack my bags earlier than I would normally do O.o).

My last week in Australia has started. It’s the week of ‘the lasts’. Seeing the City for the last time,  doing grocery shopping for the last time, seeing my friends for the last time, our last ‘multicultural’ dinners, the last gaze at the Australian sun, the last night. I’ll see how I will cope with it. After all the amazing things that happened to me Down Under I suspect it might be really hard to accept though. Time flies. Oh, how time flies …

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