A different side of Australia (1) – mining

Few days ago, I returned from a road trip to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Covering around 6 000 km took me about 10 days and five different vehicles. I’ve proved that ridesharing, car relocation, and hitch-hiking work perfectly well in Oz. I’ve experienced prices ridiculously growing towards the Red Centre. I’ve seen countless animals (dead and alive). And I could write a lot on the subject, but to be honest, how long can you spend on rocks and roads?
Instead, I would like to write about mining towns. On my way there, I stayed in Mt Isa, which is one of those (another is Mackay on the East Coast). Life in Isa revolves around coal, lead, silver, and gold. Majority of population works in the mining industry earning lots and lots of money. Which is bad.
It is bad because economy in Isa, and any other mining town, is artificialy pumped up by mining. Prices of everything sky-rocket making the area extremely expensive to live. Houses can reach prices similar to Sydney. It’s not a probem for miners. Even fresh out-of-high-schools earn more money then most of us, ‘ordinary people’, will ever see. It is a problem for all the others – their salary is similar to that everywhere else. But even in wealthy Australia, with that money they’ll be struggling to support themselves in a mining town. That is why anyone who’s not employed by mines is likely to flee, gradually creating a weird hybrids of towns.
A less perfect side of Oz.

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