This Australian experience has come to an end.                                                                                The day after tomorrow I will fly back home and what has been the ‘present’ for the past 5 months will irreversibly become the ‘past’.

The last few days have been incredibly hard: I’ve been enjoying amazing “last”* moments with my friends, but always with that bitter aftertaste to them, that heart-rending feeling of an imminent farewell.                                                                                                                  Before coming to Australia, I couldn’t believe I was actually leaving for such a faraway country, nor could I picture myself living here for five months.                                           Now, I can’t think of myself back home, leaving behind all that I have found here.

Today, I had lunch and dinner out with some of my friends and, during table conversation, I kept looking at them thinking: “Is this real or is it just a dream? Am I really leaving in two  days?”.                                                                                                                                               I tried recalling the beginning of this Australian semester, then I started skimming through the days up until now and could only come to the sad conclusion that it has all passed too quickly.

I find it impossible to convey what this experience has meant to me, what I’m feeling right now. In this case words do not help.

Just as with a good dream, when waking up one desperately clings to it, but it slowly fades away all the same, to be finally locked up in one of our memory’s drawers, leaving behind only flashes, so this amazing period in Australia is already beginning to slip away, the waking-up part now looming only a day and a half away.

I need a dreamcatcher, a very special one: a dreamcatcher that will not block nightmares but catch instead in its web this gradually vanishing Australian dream.                                    I need a dreamcatcher to keep the marvellous time I spent here forever engraved in my mind as it already is in my heart.

A big THANK YOU to all the great people I have met here in Australia and lots of love and best wishes to my amazing friends! I will never forget you!

* I will definitely see you again !!

About Alessandro Sereni

I am a third year student at "Università Degli Studi Roma Tre" in Rome . I'm majoring in "Political Science for Cooperation and Development" . My main interests are : international politics ; geopolitical dynamics in East Asia ; languages ; Asian culture ( in particular Chinese one ) .
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