Feeling Blue (The Blue Mountains, Sydney 2)

On the second day in Sydney we took a train to the Blue Mountains. It took about two hours to get there from the city and the journey made me quite sleepy. The views on the road were quite pretty though – small towns full of charming, colorful buildings. It was sunny the whole day which I really admired especially after chimerical weather in Melbourne. After we had arrived at the train station, we grabbed some sandwiches at Subway, like we often used to throughout the whole trip. Let me just say that here in Australia the variety of subs you can get is much bigger than what you can get in Poland. That’s pretty obvious but I still worth acknowledging ;] It took some time to mindlessly consume our sub-treats and after we had finished, we hopped on the local red double-decker to get closer to the Mountains’ lookouts. I have to admit that I haven’t heard of The Blue Mountains before (which I think made the impression they made on me even stronger). It’s possible that I’d seen some pictures of the region before, but to be honest I can’t recall if I really did. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. The Blue Mountains National Park is a place of extreme beauty, one that makes you feel in absolute connection with nature. The views were breathtaking, absolutely magnificent, as we hiked through the forest from one lookout to the other. The serenity of the region reminded me of watching the BBC’s ‘Walking with dinosaurs’, one of the programs of my childhood. It was so amazing to be in a place almost untouched by civilization. A place that makes you feel like if you were taken out of the reality you live in and put somewhere lost in time. Walking the paths with forest on one side and spectacular gaps, precipices and rock formations on the other put me in awe. It took a whole day to see just a tiny part of what The Blue Mountains have to offer but what I saw was truly spectacular. Generally, the impression of breathtaking beauty is what follows me here in Australia. What the country lacks in history, it makes up in incredible scenery that is so impossibly beautiful, it’s really hard to describe. Seeing so many glorious wonders of nature throughout the whole journey made me feel tiny comparing to the vastness of Planet Earth. I know this may sound sentimental and slightly pathetic but the World is a really beautiful place. Of course, I’ve always been aware of that but only after coming to Australia have I experienced the true grandness of nature. It would be really precious to see as much of the planet as possible. Once again, the Earth honestly is a perfect place in the Universe to live on ^^ And even though its enormousness may sometimes make one feel so small, unimportant and meaningless in a larger context, the moments of confrontation with nature are priceless and stay with you forever. (Crap, what I just wrote makes me feel like a poor version of Thoreau).

After coming back from the Blue Mountains to Sydney we went for yet another evening walk around the city. We climbed up (or rather used the elevator to be precise) to the top of one of the highest skyscrapers in the city to see the panorama of Sydney. Truly, it is an amazing place. So lively, sparkly and busy. Then there was a short visit to the crowded Chinatown. The smells made me salivate even though I wasn’t even hungry (which doesn’t happen often to someone who’s obsessed with food). Greed however forced me to buy something anyway so I decided to go with a slice of green cake with a lot of sweet cream on top. It looked bizarrely tempting but the taste of it was rather bland: pure sweetness with no other flavor. Although I normally wouldn’t do that, I ate half of it and the rest threw away. I got a stomachache afterwards. I guess that’s what happens when greed takes over you. I came back to the hostel a little nauseous and tired after a day full of attractions. I went to bed feeling satisfied. That one was a really amazing day !


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