…is such a big, complex and overused word. I want freedom of choice, we want freedom of speech, everybody wants to be merely free. Even religious people, me being one of them, these people that are spiritually liberated do care about political freedom. Democracy is what gives us political freedom at least, let alone other kinds of freedoms as they are shaped by governments and treated differently. All in all, freedom is never overused. It is our right.

I am writing this because I believe June 4 should be called The International Day of Freedom/Democracy. It all boils down to events that occurred in two, very distant yet politically similar, communist countries in 1989 – Poland and China. I would have never thought I could find a link between my homeland and this Asian giant but here it is – 4 June 1989. On that particular day 23 years ago, we held the first democratic parliamentary elections since the II World War. While Democracy was being born in Poland, eventually leading to the collapse of the whole communist system in the Central and Eastern Europe, at the other end of the world in China, Democracy was being shattered in the bloodiest way. The Tiananmen Square massacre, where thousands of protesting students perished in the name of freedom, was commemorated today at Flinders. Lest we forget that freedom can never be taken for granted and even if we can enjoy it now, we shall support those who fight for it in the future. United we stand, divided we fall. Let freedom ring for ALL!

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  1. Mateusz Kolakowski says:

    The elections were only partially free… yet they triggered the process! Interesting connection!

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