Summer’s gone for sure

Flowers fading, cold winds blowing, sun setting in the middle of the afternoon… Well, at the end of the day, it’s May.

Undaunted by the quickly approaching winter, I’m starting to plan my brief holidays after finishing the work at Uni. I’ve been stuck with it until now, but things has become more clear recently. Fortunately, because although the end of the the semester is far in the future, it’s the high time to book everything… and I really need to plan the next period months in advance.

So now I know that I won’t see Uluru this time. It’s been one of my greatest dreams, but due to the time and budget limitations I have to  put it on the back burner. Adelaide, Kakadu, the outback and some other places go there as well… for a while. It doesn’t have to be my first and last time in Australia. I can come back in few years, , tougher, more experienced, probably not richer but able to avoid the ridiculously expensive surcharge for being an under-25 driver.

Now one more essay, a few final tests, 11 days of internships and I’m off to Tasmania and New Zealand! Not hurrying any more, enjoying every freakin’ cold day to the fullest.

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