Exploring Australia: Melbourne versus Brisbane

The mid-semester break posed the opportunity to go and explore Australia. Melbourne was eventually the city highest on the wish-list, so for 8 days this was our new home. Compared to Brisbane it was first of all very COLD. You forget how big Australia actually is and how the weather is different from North to South. Melbourne is despite the weather a great city, bigger than Brisbane and it has a more European feel to it. Filled with lots of coffee places and restaurants you can spend the day relaxing even though you are still having the city-feeling. Over in St. Kilda, just outside of the city, the atmosphere is even more relaxing with a touch of beach life. The last couple of days we spend here the weather got better (and warmer) and we could even lay on the beach for some  afternoons. To end the week we went to a real Aussie footy-game which according to the guy who took us (a very friendly Aussie who wanted to improve Australia’s hospitality) has to be seen while in Oz. Even though we met this nice guy, in overall the people seem more friendly, and also eager to help over in Brisbane. In conclusion: Melbourne is a great city, big and yet with an intimate and European vibe. But Brisbane stole my heart with its friendly people, small city centre, Southbank and it’s relaxing and beautiful parklands and riverside and of course the sunny weather!!


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