Life’s off balance.

According to me, life is about balance (among other things like love, good food and professional manicures). If you can’t find your balance, you are likely to fall.

Right now my days feel longer than ever and the time until I get to see my boyfriend again feels eternal, even though I know that everyday passing by the reunion comes closer.

I have come to the conclusion, after some thinking and self-analysis, that the reason for time ticking by so slowly has to do with two things:

1. University and studying is really tedious right now. Unfortunately, I am struggling with understanding how the classes I take here will be beneficial later in life. (Which I am sure they will be, all studies are, but I just cannot see it right now.) The exception could be the linguistics class but there the main focus seems to be on Japanese culture vs. Australian culture, something I can’t relate to. On top of all this I have also been getting a lot worse grades than I am used to from Sweden, the Australian school system doesn’t like my style of doing things. The total of it all has basically killed my motivation for  the moment, and I still need to finish assignments, plan group work and do the readings, resulting in me forcing myself to do stuff, and counting the minutes until I can go home even louder.

2. Lack of balance. I study, workout and eat healthy foods. That’s about it. I have had the feeling the last couple of days that I need to get a grip and go outside of my room and meet people and not constantly think of the Ottoman Empire, morning power walks and boiled eggs. You would think that there is always people around to hang with when you live at campus like I do, but in my house it seems we never manage to be in the livingroom at the same time anymore.

So this week, I’ll actively try to change the pattern of isolation and unhappiness. I will study, workout and eat boiled eggs, but also see a friend for dinner tonight, have a cleaning party with my housemates on Tuesday night, go to pizza night on Thursday and on Friday I am leaving for Alice Springs and Uluru, so the weekend should be pretty eventful too.

Life at Flinders is not as bad as it may sound at times in this post, but sometimes you just feel down and you need to tell someone, like you Internet peeps, to feel better and get the happy spiral going again.

About Jessica Sjöstedt

I am a 26 year old Swede who is normally studying for a Bachelor of English at Malmö University. Right now however, I am outside of Adelaide, spending a semester at the Flinders University. I like writing, baking, languages, friendships, literature, babies, nail polish, social science and cheese.
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  1. Nasra Ali says:

    Oh! keep on going Jessica! Everything cant be on the brigth side all the time and its okie to feel low.


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