Culture shock!

As always, when I want to start study, I always find something else to do, such as now, it’s more important to go through my pictures from this wonderful trip instead of writing on my assignments. I realized a few days ago that it’s only a few weeks left of this border crossing. I also realized that when I leave this place I leave it with incredible much experience, knowledge, with many new friends that I know will always be by my side in the future. I have met many people that I hopefully will meet again but among these people there are two persons that I know will be meeting again about a few months. When Flavio sent email to me the first time and asked me about Townsville, how the city was and how people was, I never thought he would be a close friend that I would hang out with every day and that I would share all my experiences with. Nor did I knew that my German friend, Marlen, a very organized one, would be the one that encourage me and talk to me and laughs with me at all the weird stuff that Flavio always do. Those we had our fights, our discussions about politics, business and about Australian people and culture, the 12 days road trip that we did on recess week will always remained me that where ever you go or where ever you will travel in the world you always meet people that is in somehow like you. We were four people in the car, Flavio, Italian, Marlen, German, Takuma, Japanese and me Swedish. Those our culture, background, experiences and knowledge differences, in the end we were sing Bruce Springsteen with born in the USA.

I remember when I used to look at the all pictures from the exchange students and how jealous I was. If I knew how easy it was to apply and write all those papers, how easy it was to pack and go, and how easy it was to meet people I would have done it for long time ago. Thanks for the chance and the opportunity that this project has given me, I now have more knowledge, more experience and lifelong friends.

And don’t worry; this will not be my last post about how much I will miss this! 🙂


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