A great experience

Hello everybody!

Tonight I want to tell you my impressions so far about the exchange program that I am experiencing. To be honest, even though I don’t usually like assessing an experience when it doesn’t finish yet, I believe that I’m experiencing one of the best adventure of my life. Indeed, I loved the days spent on travel or just around this charming city. It is full of modern and aboriginal art; there is one of the most famous library in the world; there are exciting events and a lot of bars with a vibrant nightlife. Moreover, I really like the internship that I’m carrying out at the Aboriginal Legal Service in the criminal department. As a matter of fact, I’m learning a lot of things about the Common Law system and, as I’m working with several motivated young lawyers, I understood how can be exciting the job (lawyer) that, maybe, will be my job. Also the college life is more than nice. I really like the Australian guys who live with me! Finally, I’m beginning to understand why the Australian academic system, even though it is very different to the European one, has become one of the most appreciated of the world. Writing, researching and discussing with the other students in the tutorial have been completely new as well as fascinating experiences. In short, I am very happy here!


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