relaxing afternoon

Hi guys,

Here are Flavio and Nasra! (we are for the most of the time together, so we decided to write together as well )

the last month of class is just started… lot of things to do… I’m realizing right now, that we are now in the final part of this australian experience. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, we went to the beach with a lot of international students, because the International offcie of JCU organized a an event. We went to Pallarenda beach, the most beautiful beach in town and we spent four hours playing games, having fun and relaxing on the beach. The weather here in Townsville is really amazing, and we are really lucky to be here. The summer seems to be endless and when you wake up in the morning with the sun outside is really diffult to convince yourself that your day will be at the library. So I’m very glad of yesterday afternoon, there’s nothing better than having fun at the beach with friends (and we are really a big, nice group of people from all over the world).

Flavio and Nasra

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