Home, sweet home…

This last week of mine was pretty different from the previous ones… it reminded me of my country, which in conjunction with busy time at uni and poor weather comparing to what they are experiencing now back there made me a little homesick… but I gotta get rid of this mid-term crisis quickly, there is so many places around to enjoy! And so many assignments to submit beforehand 😉

On Monday I went to represent my home Jagiellonian University at the LaTrobe Exchange Fair… which turned out to be quite difficult task due to the lack of any materials about my Alma Mater and my situation at the table with sign “REST OF EUROPE Turkey Italy Greece”. Taking into consideration my rather southern European appearance I guess it was rather hard for those interested in Poland to get to me. Because of that my main strategy was to gently redirect one’s interest in Italy or Turkey to Kraków… I’ll see next year back there if I was succesful in any case 😉

Most days last week were free in Poland – May Day on 1st, then Flag Day and most importantly, 1791 Consttitution Day on 3rd. Well, free, but not for me – I only managed to scamper away from campus on Thursday to celebrate the latter with my friends in a Polish restaurant. We all quite liked it, even though it wasn’t that Polish after all. The fact that from the things which are comprised in the name – Borsch Vodka & Tears – we chose the second one probably helped us with it a good bit.

The day after we had a double birthday party in my internship placement, which is again Polish and gives this home feeling (and food! ;D)  Quite a sentimental week… I’ll have enough of it for a while 😉   Now gotta get back to business, another essay needs to be written until evening! Hopefully it will be raining the whole day ;]

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