Weekend Patchwork Cooking

< 2nd floor. *Muppets/ABC kids kitchen; cooking in progress. come :D>

This is one of the usual weekend text messages launched and received at the stomach-grumbling lunch or dinner hours from one end to the other of the small telematic void separating me and other international students/friends here at University Hall.

Then, it’s the slamming-of-the-doors, the rush-to-one’s-kitchen, the food/ingredients-grabbing, the run for the the selected area’s kitchen to “light up the fires” and get some multicultural cooking going.

Usually, we decide what we’re going to cook or try cooking during the Thursday or Friday’s grocery shopping spree. Sometimes, if our schedules didn’t match and we had to go on a forage trip on solo, we just put everything on the table and discuss food-matching options. When our stomachs all agree to what the dish will be like, we get down to work.

As we are a food culture mix of Europeans (two) and Asians (four), the ones who take the lead and provisional command of the kitchen utensils are those whose culinary knowledge is closest to the dish in preparation. The others follow, putting in bits and pieces of their own country’s cooking (e.g. my Asian friends are madly in love with spices, especially chilli; they believe that if one doesn’t cry his/her eyes out while eating, the dish is not spicy=good enough). The results, so far, have always been surprisingly good.

This weekend patchwork cooking is a tasteful and fun way of spending time together and learning about different cultures’ culinary traditions.

Down below you can take a look at two of our recent dishes.

* Flinders University Hall on campus accomodation has a two floor main building divided into diffferent areas; each one has a different name/theme and matching decorations (from Muppets to Pixars, from ABC kids to Big Bang Theory, through Candy Land and many others)

-Pizza (mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach leaves, mushrooms, capsicums and anchovies)

– Red Capsicums & Basil Chicken


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