Chasing the sun

I was about to insert a massive gallery from my Easter Break Trip, but according to the blog engine, I already have filled my storage quota (200 MB)… with just few pictures attached to previous posts?

Well, all that is left is words, words, words.

And numbers. So:

10 days, 8 mates. 2000 kilometers in 2 cars and several thousands on planes. Hours of driving, hours of partying, not too many hours of sleep…

Road tripping from Brisbane to Cairns (and even visiting Byron Bay, south of Brisbane). Seeing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, getting to know terrible stories of slaughtering Aborigines who used to live on paradise-like island along the coast… Swimming with unbelievably colourful fish and with sharks (baby ones, luckily) in the Great Barrier Reef… Spotting rare and beautiful animals in a rainforest after flying over it in a cable car… Meeting nice and weird people…And, most importantly, enjoying my time with the crew!

I was the only male member of it, and I have to say that, apart from all the fun, it was an interesting experience ;D  Hearing what’s really in girls’ minds, the things boys don’t usually hear…

Don’t worry, I won’t spill the beans. But thank you for sharing.

I feel rich now, rich with memories. Byron Bay, Noosa, Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Airlie Beach, The Whitsunday Islands, Whiteheaven Beach, Magnetic Island, Kuranda… The names which hadn’t meant anything to me before Easter now bring warm feelings… which is essential for the few next autumn and winter months 😉

Sorry for the sentimental post, I just tried to describe the sunshine from the photos!

Hope you all had a nice Easter as well.

Now… back to the assignments.

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  1. Hello Mateusz Kolakowski,
    How good it will be if you can post all those photos of Easter tour.
    I have visited flinders ranges in South Australia Holidays many times.
    Hoping for some more nice posts and this time some mind blowing photos.

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