Today I’m not gonna tell you guys any exciting Australia tales. Today I’m gonna complain like a poor little privileged girl on a scolarship. Because today, I’m homesick. There, I said it. I am homesick and not afraid to admit it. I am out and proud. If someone would come up to me today and say ‘I’ve got a ticket for the next flight to Amsterdam, have it’, I would.

I miss my boyfriend. I miss my parents and my sister. I miss my friends. I miss going to the Albert Heijn and not having to spend 1 million dollars on food. I miss being able to take my bike everywhere. I miss the regular public transport (yes, NS, even you). I miss having a supermarket closeby. I miss Dutch cheese. I miss a lot of things. I miss my life. God, I know this sounds so whiney, but I don’t care. I feel alone at the moment and that just really sucks. Also, I have a coldsore that hurts like hell and my knee isn’t really getting any better. I do know that tomorrow I’m gonna be fine again, and that I will probably delete this post because I’ll be ashamed of it then, but right now, I really don’t give a rodent’s behind. I FEEL LIKE ….

Okay, on the upside

Joost booked his ticket 🙂 July 2012 is gonna be so awesome
Marjolein is in Adelaide (Dutch pride)
Easter was lovely (muchos chocolatos)
I am grateful there are so many cool people here
Easterbreak, which mean two weeks of holiday!

greetings from stupid Australia

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  1. mateusz says:

    hahaah Marleeeen..!! well 6months abroad makes u appreciate things you dont notice at home but just look outside and appreciate things you dont have at home and think its gonna be over in what…3months?? yet still so much to discover eh

  2. Jessica says:

    I know what you’re talking about. And I know that when you miss someone it doesn’t matter that you logically know that the feeling will go away again soon. You just want to see them. Be proud of yourself for managing half a year without your love. Hugs!

  3. Femke says:

    Gooooo Marleeentjeeee! Je kunt het! Soms heb je van die dagen en morgen is alles weer leuk… Denk maar goed vooruit en aan alles leuks wat je nog gaat doen. En dan is het zomaaaaar juli!!! Kop op en geniet 🙂 p.s. Al bij de fysio geweest (ff iets anders 😉 )

    • Marleen Berkhout says:

      Thanks Fem 🙂 Hoe was de marathon?! Ben vandaag bij de dokter geweest toevallig: overbelasting, dus rustig aan doen helaas.. X!

  4. Johanna Haward says:

    Dont be ashamed! I had a long rant about the prize of yoghurt (which is crazy!) just this morning.. But on the brighter side it will probably feel better in no time 🙂
    Take care!

  5. Evelyn Deylen says:

    Lovely Marleen,

    I know it sounds corny but time really does fly! And before you know it you’ll be back here in Holland with the wind, rain, crowds of people, cars, dogshit, little houses etc. etc. and of course I’ll be here too, your auntie from Hell.

    We miss you too but I’m sure you’ll be smiling tomorrow with your lovely sore lippy smile and rotten knee!!

    from Alkmaar

  6. Nora says:

    1ste keer dat ik je blog lees. Zag gister Joost, ook hij verheugt zich op Austalië en jou niet noodzakerlijkerwijs in die volgorde. Ga ook de rest nog lezen. Wij zijn net terug uit Zuidafrika was geweldig.
    Trouwens je mag dan heimwee hebben, het is hier hartstikke koud, echt niet iets om te missen. Chin up en je bent weer thuis voor dat je het weet.

  7. Lisa Deijlen says:

    Hee big cousin,
    Hang in there girl!! It’s allready june 🙂 Enjoy your last month in college!!
    Before you know you will be back in small, only two weeks of summer each year, holland..
    Lots of love and a big kiss,
    From, i have to wear jeans and longsleeved shirts in june, holland.
    Your niece

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