Cruisin’ Around!


Life in Australia is starting to feel normal. Temperature is cooling down, uni work is starting to pick up and in the meantime (when possible) I get to make some pretty cool trips around the area. Last week I went to Phillip Island for example, just a two hours drive south of Melbourne, where kangaroos and wallabies range free in wildlife parks and tiny penguins conquer the beach every night at sunset. Feeding the kangaroos was an amazing experience and although seeing the penguins on Phillip Island was special, it did feel like a sort of circus with the arena built on the beach. But hey, they say it’s to preserve the penguins habitat so who am I to judge.
Last weekend me and 11 other people flew over to Hobart, Tasmania, from where we took off in two motorhomes and explored the south east of the island. Port Arthur was our first stop, the place where the first convicts where held and we got to know about how they lived, what they were doing and what kind of life they led. It was interesting to see how big of an impact the convict history of Australia has had on society: in Tasmania supposedly 60% of the population is a descendent of a convict.
Our next stop was Fortescue Bay, a bounty-like beach after a 20 km dirt road through dense forests. It felt like paradise, especially at sunset. As a reminder of Australia’s nature and wildlife, the moment we made camp heaps of wallabies surrounded our motorhome, but also more vicious creatures: I saw a thick, slimy black snake slithering down the hill and after collecting some firewood I had to burn off two leaches from my friends’ ankle. That was a first!!
More scenic drives followed, visits to small towns and more drives where we didn’t encounter anyone for miles and miles. The area around Mt Field and Lake Pedder was breathtaking.
More traveling is on the way, since Easter break is approaching fast, destination unknown but I will definitely elaborate on that in my next blog. Good news is that I probably obtained an internship with the local city council, I don’t know the exact details yet but it will have something to do with intercultural communication. Until next time!

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  1. Lily Knox says:

    Oh this sounds so great! I would love to do the same, and like you I am avaiting the easter break! Just a question though: didn’t you have any trouble renting a motorhome with your foreign licence? I hear that I am not allowed to drive with mine. Any tips?

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