Grampians Natural Park


Last weekend I went to Grampians Natural Park with Mateusz, an other Border Crossings student. It was a great experience! We have been lucky because all the three days that we spent there have been sunny. We stayed in a very nice hostel where we met other friendly guys. As a matter of fact, because our driving licences are not translated and therefore they are not valid in Australia, our new friends (from Wales, England and Australia) gave us a lift to Mackenzie Falls, an awesome sight!

Nevertheless, the most beautiful sight was, without doubt, the pinnacle walk. After a long walk we reached the peak of the main mountain of the Park in order to enjoy one of the most amazing Australian views. Afterward we swam in a forest-lake, namely a lake in which there were high trees and strange big spiders on them. I don’t know if it has been dangerous, but I know that it has been an one-time experience!

In the meanwhile, I have submitted my first essay and carried out my first quizzes. The Easter break is coming and with it also my trip in New Zeland. Sincerely, I look forward to see Auckland! 


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