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Immigration Nation

A quick tip to all fellow border crossers currently here in Australia (and everyone else also)! In the subject Global Migration Stories which is the core subject for the Border Crossings program here at La Trobe we got the chance to … Continue reading

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The Game of Life.

WOOOOOW. Time moves so fast I’m telling you. I promise it feels like yesterday I moved in. All right, probably not yesterday cause the laundry’s drying up outside, food in the fridge is vanishing fast and money running low, anyways … Continue reading

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I love you because: – every new class started with the teacher introducing him/herself and the topic and then we were basically done. Nice and easy first week I should say. – the amount of people per lecture/tutorial is nice … Continue reading

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Tonight We Are Young: The First Few Weeks Down Under

Dear all, Welcome to my first blog from Down Under. It’s been a couple of weeks since I first arrived in Australia and let me tell you, they have been hectic! I’ve done so many things in such a short … Continue reading

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On the way to settling in

After weeks of painstaking preparations, nervous running errands, and goodbyes which would jerk tears out of a rock, I finally boarded that flying metal box – a deed I still consider utterly insane and exhilarating at the same time – … Continue reading

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Campus life

I’ve been here for a while now. I’m still as impressed with how effective, helpfull and friendly the administration here is as I was my first week. When it comes to living on campus it’s a big differens from anything … Continue reading

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The bush outside my window

The first thing I felt after  getting off the plane to Brisbane was a whiff of heat. It felt nice, pleasant and calming at the same time. Like a gentle reassurance of arrival, a whisper of a new land. Even … Continue reading

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2 weeks in townsville…

It is almost 2 weeks now. 2 Australian weeks. what can I say ? After a very long trip (hopefully I slept on the plane) – Rome-London-Singapore-Sydeny-Townsville I reached the North of queensland. I was playing with the snow in … Continue reading

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Spider pants

A couple of mornings ago when I was about to put on my jeans that had been lying on the floor, thrown into a pile, something relatively scary happened. I stuck my hands into the pockets of the pants to … Continue reading

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Not home but perhaps a home away from home

Been a little while since my last post here during which a lot have happened, both good and bad. On a sad note I received very sad news from my family a couple of days ago and really realized how … Continue reading

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