I love babies. Babies are sweet, harmless and adorable, with their teenee weenee fingernails and their cute little noses. I look at a baby and think: wow, tiny humans are awesome! But I don’t think tiny humans belong at University. See, they’re very small, so their brain must be very small too. Higher education right after leaving the womb seems a bit premature to me. How about we start with pre-school?

Well, baby May doesn’t seem to share this view. She is apparently so gifted that a mere 2 weeks after being born, she decided she could handle a uni topic! Wow! Amazing right?

Her mum brought her in in her stroller, cause obviously she can’t walk yet, and stayed with her the entire lecture, just in case she got hungry. And what do you know, she did! Apparently May can listen and eat at the same time, she is, after all, a (very very young) woman (although some of the guys sitting next to her might have had a little trouble listening while she was feeding). And eventhough she seemed a little shy about joining in on the group discussion, she had no trouble letting us know when she was unhappy about something!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am very curious if little May will be joining us again next week, because her contribution to this topic is very refreshing, to say the least.

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  1. Jessica says:

    You might have to have been there to get it… Funny post nevertheless!

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