This is just a random thought that popped up in my mind while i was walking for quite a bit holding some paper I wanted to throw out in my hand…thought a headline on this blog would attract some attention…lets just realize how pointless littering is: its not really that much of an effort to put garbage into a bin. Nuff said. I bet nobody is delighted with the view of litter on the streets, parks, places of nature where everybody just wants to linger. If you cant find a bin please be patient and hold it little longer or just chuck it in your pocket.  And lets please start to recycle. If we can reduce the amounts of chemicals essential to produce a 2l coke bottle let’s do it, and again: its not a big effort to put stuff in separate bins! I know I haven’t said anything that is not written in the books but still, many people don’t really spare a minute to think. Think about it. If not for the sake of your kids, do it for my kids (I mean the future ones, don’t worry Mom!) .


Before I start the ball rolling, I must say I miss polish bread sooooooooooo much. I usually just go to Doles (copyrights – Australians definitely know which convenience store I mean tho) and I buy toast bread. No polish-style real bread, that one is heaps expensive for a casual student pocket. I like this feeling tho(to miss sth, not not being able to afford sth!!), it means I got my own place in the world where I’ve got things I like and things I know, it doesn’t mean I cross out the rest of the world out of my map, what I’m saying is I will always have a place to come back.
All right so to the point. I haven’t been saying much about my krump experience Down Under but I basically meet up with the fam every week and hold a session where everybody got a chance to get live and take part in a very personal yet mutual experience of krumping on a session. Those of you who don’t know what KRUMP is I suggest typing in on youtube ‘Tight Eyez krump’ and you will see what it is about…yet to feel it you need to try it yourself…a very exhilarating, relieving act I recommend anyone. So yeah, on Friday 23rd most Adelaide dancers would gather at Rundle Mall, basically the main shopping street in the city and having bought prior to the event a busker’s pass we were able to enjoy music from an extra-loud boombox my mate/organizer brought with him. For subsequent hours we would observe/indulge in dance battles, single performances of various dance styles including bboying, krump, popping/locking, hip hop, dougie. I don’t know how many people watched us, don’t know how many participated, yet one thing is certain, I left a lot of sweat on the streets of Adelaide that day, the day to remember!! If you were in Adelaide that day and you missed it, there’s not much I can say but anticipate the second round soon mate!!!

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2 Responses to RECYCLE AND DON’T LITTER!!!

  1. Mateusz Kolakowski says:

    Mmm Polish bread… I would give all the sweets of the world in exchange for one loaf! 😉

  2. Olga Brawanska says:

    Yes, I miss something that could be called bread so much, not to mention Polish bread!

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