Border Crossings

Last week we got the chance to meet up with the students from La Trobe that are to go to the different European Universities. The Border Crossings responsibles had organized with lunch and it was overall really great to get to see everyone (thank you Harshini!)

As I was on a Erasmus exchange last semester I never got the chance to partake in the meetings in Malmö but as I did my exchange in Utrecht I went to one of the meetings there instead.

Talking to Tom, Alexander and Kimberly who is going to Malmö and Utrecht I could really recognize all the questions they had to the ones I had before coming here to Melbourne and even for my last semester in Utrecht. You have so many questions, where are you to live? On campus, off campus? What are you to expect from the University itself? Will I like it? How are the people living there? and it continues … I think that all of us currently on our exchange can recognize ourselves in this.

What I can answer now with certainty though is that independent of where you are going you are going to have a great time and many of the questions you had before going (the ones I had at least) will all be answered as soon as you arrive.

Otherwise life in Melbourne is great, last week me and my boyfriend finally got the keys to our own apartment in Brunswick with the Melbourne Zoo as one of our closest neighbours! Uni has begun for real now also it feels like with assignments piling up, the system of having all the courses/subjects at once will most definitely build up my organizational and planning abilities after this semester.. Personally I can say that after trying this for a month now I prefer the Swedish or Dutch system with only one or maximum two courses at the time but it will perhaps change the longer the semester proceeds and as I am even thinking of taking up double courses when I am back in Malmö the system could have some advantages.

Oh and yes, if anyone has any tips for where to go for the easter break let me know! Me and the bf have been thinking of Tasmania, anyone whos been there?


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