Kayaks and dolphins

Saturday 24th March , Port Adelaide

Today I went kayaking in the dolphin inhabited Port River waters with other international students . During the fun and exhilarating first time experience of being in a kayak ,         we had the chance of witnessing a truly wondrous event .

We were all standing on the river bank listening to our guide’s instructions on how to manoeuvre our kayaks when all of a sudden we hear a big splash .                                       Quickly turning our eyes to the river , what do we see ?                                                                   A dolphin jumping in and out of the water as if it was in a Zoomarine .

Having regained our composure after loud displays of sheer surprise and delight ,                 we listen to the guide’s explanation :                                                                                             “More or less three years ago a young dolphin named Billy got injured and was taken to a nearby marine centre to get medical treatment . While recovering he got the chance to observe some of the training numbers of the marine centre’s dolphins .                                   The moment he was brought back to his natural environment he started teaching ‘the move’ to some of his river mates . Today around six or seven dolphins in the Port River colony have learned it and have passed it onwards to the next generation . This ‘move’ is not for mating or survival purposes : it’s just for fun . It’s not natural , just for fun”.

We were truly lucky to witness it . Also dolphins need to show off sometimes .

About Alessandro Sereni

I am a third year student at "Università Degli Studi Roma Tre" in Rome . I'm majoring in "Political Science for Cooperation and Development" . My main interests are : international politics ; geopolitical dynamics in East Asia ; languages ; Asian culture ( in particular Chinese one ) .
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2 Responses to Kayaks and dolphins

  1. Jessica Sjöstedt says:

    I guess people who say that dolphins are some of the smartest animals on this planet are correct. Sure sounds like it! Did you fall into the water Alex? I heard there was a chance of people getting wet!

  2. Alessandro Sereni says:

    No I didn’t fall into the water and also managed to stay relatively dry while on the kayak

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