There’s this thing in Australia called Your Twenty-First, a phenomenon I was introduced to by my parents when I got the key to our house for my twenty-first birthday. This is supposedly an Australian tradition, as in Australia you’re not considered a proper adult until you’re 21, hence you can never leave the house unless accompanied by a parent. Funnily enough, I had already moved out 2 years prior, but nevertheless a nice symbolic gesture: in Marleen we trust.

Little did I know that the key thing is not the key part (see what I did there? 😀 ) of your twenty-first. Apparently your twenty-first is, aside from your wedding, the biggest party you’ll ever have, beating the day you were born, the eighteenth birthday (when you can legally drink in Australia) and graduation. Now, you might wonder where I obtained this valuable knowledge? Well, I was invited to my cousin’s twenty-first.

My involvement in this twenty-first was more than just attending the party, as I was staying at my cousin’s place. I helped bake the biggest cake I will ever bake, made about one million cheese sticks, cheese thingies and cones to hold fries, and helped decorating and cleaning the hall she had rented. Yes, she had rented a hall! That is soo My Super Sweet Sixteen 😀 She’d also ordered balloons, and had enough food and drinks to feed China for 3 weeks (I ate enough to keep me jogging for the rest of my life). She had seriously spent a fortune, but she also received a fortune: the amount of presents was incredible. And they were really good presents, not shitty stuff like shower gel or whatever. This seriously was the biggest birthday party I have ever attended.

Also, because it was a formal party, I wore a very fancy dress I borrowed from my sister, seeing as I don’t really own fancy things cause I tend to break stuff. To illustrate, Joost wanted to buy me an expensive pair of sunglasses for Australia, which I’m glad he eventually didn’t because I broke the pair I bought myself within 2 weeks. As you can see, for my sister to lend me her fancy dress was a very gutsy thing to do. I am happy to report that I did not, I repeat, I did not ruin the dress.

My cousin had a great night, and I think everyone did. I for one was very impressed by the whole experience and I am seriously considering to have one of these parties when I turn 25.

25 is the new 21

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