thank god for the wet season

It’s here, the rain is finally fast in Townsville. The wet season didn’t get its name for nothing. It’s been bucketing all day everyday for almost a week now. Bucketing, not raining, as this is far beyond rain. A tropical rainstorm comes suddenly and is really heavy. Sometimes it disappears as quickly as it came, but it may as well keep going for a whole day or two. Thunderstorms are definitely not as common and long as in August in Poland but can sneak in unnoticed, and the wind that comes with them is hellish. A very unpleasant feeling if you happen to be cycling in an open area with nothing to cover apart from ominously high trees and unwelcoming suburban houses for the next (and previous) 5km. A rain poncho, although generally a must-have for the active, is of little comfort.

If a cloudburst hits really hard you don’t drive your car, because you can’t see anything through the windshield. You don’t walk around, as no umbrella can save you from getting soaked to the skin. And you don’t ride your bicycle, cause the roads become totally submerged in no time – many pavements and roadsides have rivers over ankle deep flowing along!

But it was all good until this morning, when a ‘mini-tornado’, as they called it, passed over Townsville. Apparently, our house was in one of the worst-hit suburbs, but I didn’t now that until I came to uni – the power is down, and may stay that way for a few days. Broken trees are everywhere, but at least our roof is still in its place. Some were not that fortunate. If that was just a ‘thunderstorm’, I really don’t want to see a cyclone. And of course there is already a gossip going around about another Yasi coming in.

But  we haven’t used the air-con for over a week now, and the temperature finally dropped under 30 °C. So thank god for the wet season, right?

after this morning, 25 houses in the surrounding suburbs look more or less like this


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  1. Lily Knox says:

    Hey Olga,

    First of all I love your writing style! I’m amazed you didn’t notice the tornado even when you live in the most hit suburb! I was in Aitkenvale at the time, and even if the damage wasn’t big, I got a bit scared with the wind hitting on the thin walls of my room. But I guess this is part of our Townsville experience!

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