Pulling things together, looking forward what the future brings

All righty. Basically I got a saved draft ready just to upload but decided to write on sth quite different. I agree I missed out on some music festivals that were happening in Adelaide, dont regret it much tho as there is soooo much ahead that suits me waaaay more! Got a ticket for KRS-one a couple days ago, ‘The Teacha’ is basically a hip hop legend, hes been in the game for decades now and he’s probly one of the most prolific artists of all time. Apart from making music he has established an organization coined Temple of Hip Hop which recaps the legacy the whole movement brought to the world Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone grew up in. Kris Parker despite being an eminent artist, in 2008 was honored the BET Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the Stop Violence Movement, he himself being homeless for about 10 years in his teens is trying to give back to the community what’s best in life – wisdom. He also gives lectures at various universities around the States, teaching the youth what the culture of hip hop is really about. I’ll leave the rest of the upcoming events confidential but fret not, I’ll reveal them when the time for it comes. Stay tuned!

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