First assignments!


Italian and Australian academic systems are very different. I have been here just for a month and I have already to carry out several assignments! In Italy I usually don’t care for the exams during the first three months of the academic semester. As a matter of fact we have on the one hand the lecture period and on the other the exam period. In other words, when there are lectures, there aren’t assessments. This totally different academic system has surprised me so much. My 1500 words essay is required for the next week and I have not started writing yet. Moreover, I must do tests and quizzes for the other subjects. I think I have to spend some nights in the library! Luckily it is opened all the night 🙂


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  1. Jessica Sjöstedt says:

    The Australian system is different compared to the Swedish too, but I think as long as you plan your time and make sure to keep up, you should be fine! Have fun!

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