Hey, Teachers

Uni, uni, uni… It’s keeping me busy. As it should of course. We do need some education. The well know rhythm of lectures and tutorials doesn’t seem to have changed at all, even though I really did my best to get away as far as possible. For two hours, the lecturer speaks, we listen. Then for one hour, the lecturers are silent and we talk. This is true for the anthropology course I follow called Myth and Ritual.

But I shouldn’t lie to you. My 24hour flight did actually give me something different: Where University in Holland only challenges the head, here I have gotten – and will get – the opportunity to use my hands and feet.

My hands have already been set to work, and finally been given a task different from writing and typing: I must draw! The beauty of the course Visual Arts and Concepts is that the students are given complete freedom. Teachers leave the kids alone to do what they want to do, as long as they provide a little argumentation as to what they are doing. Downside being that when the assessment was finally due, I didn’t really have a clue of what they wanted from me…

Second in the race is the “tourist course” Linking Indigenousness, where two lovely ladies tell us stories all day long about Aboriginal culture. Having no background information on the subject whatsoever, I find myself fascinated by everything they say. I feel like a little Lily again, impatiently waiting for the end of the day to tell everyone about what I learned that day, and hoping that the people I tell this precious information to are as mind-blown as I was. (I remember the many times that I came home with new findings only to discover that mum and dad new them already! How was that possible?! How could they know…?!) The use of feet will hopefully be required in a week for a field trip. It was scheduled last Friday, but was postponed due to excessive rain.

Last but not least is Art, Artist and Environment, core subject for all New Media Art students. This subject also features a field trip that will take me to the old gold diggers town, and now ghost town, named Ravenswood… As cowboys we will roam the streets, 3 days long… Searching for the unfindable, searching for the soul of the past city, letting it speak to us and making its voice visible again… Read: our task is to make art inspired by the surroundings.

So these are my duties here in Townsville. I enjoy it even if I do still have some trouble juggling four subjects around.

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