The Dangers of the Camera

I did not bring a camera along as I embarked on this adventure. I have a smart phone, and I have the possibility to buy a camera should I need and/or miss one. So far however, I don’t. Sure, I like having nice pictures to look back at and remember things. It is fun to be able to show everybody what has happened and what everybody and everything look like. But at the same time I know that I am really bad at both bringing the camera to an event and actually taking it out of my purse to use it.

The moments in life that mean something don’t become more special just because you have them captured in a shot. When we were at Kangaroo Island lots of my fellow travelers ran around like chicken for hours when we visited places. I took two, maybe three pictures if I felt like it and then I sat down somewhere and just looked around, without the camera lens between my eye and the sight. I tried to capture the moment and to enjoy just being there then. Everybody thought I was silly and that I didn’t care enough about the place to explore it, but the fact is that I explored it a lot more than they did since I actually looked around. With my eyes, of course, but also with my other senses, with my memory and my feelings; instead of having forty pictures of myself next to a rock that could technically be a rock from anywhere.

If you’re interested in photography, it is a whole different story, but many people go crazy while abroad and have to take pictures of everything! There were even people on this trip that spent time planning on how to pose in the next shot, how to place themselves next to a road kill kangaroo, how to position their leg to look as cool as possible.

When the guide asked us afterwards what the place we just visited was called, not many people could answer. A bit sad if you ask me.

About Jessica Sjöstedt

I am a 26 year old Swede who is normally studying for a Bachelor of English at Malmö University. Right now however, I am outside of Adelaide, spending a semester at the Flinders University. I like writing, baking, languages, friendships, literature, babies, nail polish, social science and cheese.
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3 Responses to The Dangers of the Camera

  1. mateusz says:

    i dig it sooooo much!!

  2. Marleen Berkhout says:

    Soo true!

  3. Johanna Haward says:

    I think were quite alike here. I got a new camera for Christmas. Have I used it yet? – nope. unpacked it from the box? – nope..

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