Termite or not Termite

Every now and again the moon blocks the happy-rays Venus usually sends me in order to be my lovely self. A few days ago was one of those days. A day full of fun surprises one could say..

The first omen? Rain. Pouring, pouring rain. Of course, being the optimist I am (ha ha, I mean of course the idiot) I decided to wear open sandals anyway, because the sun had to come out some time. Well, it didn’t. My feet got nice and clean, and wet, and muddy, and slippery. Naturally, this caused a nice little stumble when I walked up the stairs on my way to my first Memory and the Politics of Difference lecture, causing not only public humiliation, but also a broken sandal. Lovely. Always nice to attend a lecture wearing only one shoe, a lecture of which I by the way missed the first thirty minutes because my head promised me that the lecture would start at 14.00h, not 13.00h. Note to self: don’t trust head. Luckily I was “early”.

The next fun event was walking back home in the (still pouring) rain, wearing only one shoe. I then learned that, apparently, people walking around in the rain semi-barefoot are an amusing sight. Also, rain doesn’t make asphalt softer; it makes it colder.

Because of the whole sandal-scandal I had to go home and change into another pair of shoes, which of course made me miss my bus to Glenelg. Good thing the busses in Adelaide go regularly (not).

But the best surprise came when I got home at the end of the day. You see, a few days earlier Ariane and I had both bought a hand-crafted boomerang. I wanted to give mine to my cousin for his birthday and had already sent it to Holland, but Ariane’s was in one of her drawers. I don’t remember why exactly, but while we were discussing something, she opened that drawer and discovered some strange powdery stuff in there that looked a bit like flour. Ariane took out the boomerang, which all of a sudden was decorated with tiny little holes.

The flour wasn’t flour, it was sawdust. Our beautiful, hand-crafted boomerangs were infested with termites. Great. I had sent a boomerang full of woodworms to the other side of the world. What a lovely gift.

Luckily, the worms had not yet attacked her drawer, but to be sure, Ariane sprayed it with 5 liters of insecticide and burned the boomerang (try throwing away a boomerang 😉 ha). Anyway, I decided to call it a day and went to bed. At 20.00h. I was tired. Can you blame me?

Ps. I did fix my sandal!

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