I love you because:

– every new class started with the teacher introducing him/herself and the topic and then we were basically done. Nice and easy first week I should say.
– the amount of people per lecture/tutorial is nice and small, wunderbar! Everyone gets plenty of attention and student participation is easy and encouraged
– when the professor asks a question, people actually respond. And not just one person giving all the answers, almost everyone is involved (although the lady in my Language, Culture and Communication class who feels the need to comment on every single thing the teacher says is starting to become a bit tiresome. If you read this, please, we don’t really care about your mother’s neighbors).
– student-teacher relationships seem very informal and open. Professors are very accessible.
– I have not seen anyone use a laptop to take notes during lectures. Call me outdated, but I kind of like the feeling not being the only one scribbling away to save my life.
– timtams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah that’s not really a uni thing, but I mean, I do love them)
– when I decided I wanted to switch topics it was sorted out and arranged within a day! That’s what I call service!
– you have two libraries and they are both HUUGGEEE. And they are within 10 minute walking distance from my house, hurray!
– you send me an email when my library book is due (and people who know me, understand why for me this is a fantastic tool)
– most assessments are essays. This is good because I really have to improve my paper skills.
– there are a lot of activities organised for international students that include food. I like food.

Well, that should be enough sucking up for one day!

(no but seriously, loving it!)

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  1. Jessica says:

    I agree with all of the above. Except for the one concerning the Timtams, but that’s only because I still haven’t had one.

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