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I love babies. Babies are sweet, harmless and adorable, with their teenee weenee fingernails and their cute little noses. I look at a baby and think: wow, tiny humans are awesome! But I don’t think tiny humans belong at University. … Continue reading

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Sick for your home?

Homesickness is a vicious disease that can strike at any moment, without any symptoms or premonitions. Homesickness is like a virus, a feeling in your chest that something is wrong, a condition that is impossible for outsiders to detect. Homesickness … Continue reading

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This is just a random thought that popped up in my mind while i was walking for quite a bit holding some paper I wanted to throw out in my hand…thought a headline on this blog would attract some attention…lets … Continue reading

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Border Crossings

Last week we got the chance to meet up with the students from La Trobe that are to go to the different European Universities. The Border Crossings responsibles had organized with lunch and it was overall really great to get … Continue reading

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Kayaks and dolphins

Saturday 24th March , Port Adelaide Today I went kayaking in the dolphin inhabited Port River waters with other international students . During the fun and exhilarating first time experience of being in a kayak ,         we had the chance … Continue reading

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There’s this thing in Australia called Your Twenty-First, a phenomenon I was introduced to by my parents when I got the key to our house for my twenty-first birthday. This is supposedly an Australian tradition, as in Australia you’re not … Continue reading

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Living on campus

Anybody interested in the practicalities of taking your stuff and move to the other side of the world for half a year? Here it goes. Part 1. How I live. I live in the Village, a part of the Flinders … Continue reading

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Interesting Internationals

Although I study a fairly international program back in Sweden, where all the classes and books are in English and exchange students as well as international students are more than welcome, I tend to hang out mainly with Swedes. I … Continue reading

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Pulling things together, looking forward what the future brings

All righty. Basically I got a saved draft ready just to upload but decided to write on sth quite different. I agree I missed out on some music festivals that were happening in Adelaide, dont regret it much tho as … Continue reading

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First assignments!

Hello! Italian and Australian academic systems are very different. I have been here just for a month and I have already to carry out several assignments! In Italy I usually don’t care for the exams during the first three months … Continue reading

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