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Flinders Welcomes EU students to Australia

Great you have all made a safe journey from your homelands.  Welcome to Australia.  Enjoy every moment of your time here.  Jenny (Czernezkyj) at Flinders.

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Hi there!

Hi everyone I hope that all of you are settling in fine in your new homes! I wrote in my first entry that an introduction was coming and I think now is the time for one. Well as you know … Continue reading

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I’m fine

I’ve been spending a lot of time in shops since I’ve arrived in Adelaide. And I don’t mean I’ve been shopping a lot, I just seem to get stuck in shops for long periods of time. Why? Because every time … Continue reading

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Hi there, how r u?

This is the sentence I hear every day now. I like it, it mirrors the hospitality of the Aussies as well as how willing they are to help you. On campus they will all take their time to explain everything … Continue reading

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Butts and belly buttons

Whereas the cold weather in the Netherlands has reached new extremes, here in Townsville the summer cannot be denied walking through the hot and humid air. I expected to find find people who were completely immune to these temperatures, but … Continue reading

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Money in a rich man’s world

Money is a funny thing here; it doesn’t seem to respect the same logic as in Utrecht. The first time I wanted to buy something was at the airport, after a 40 hour journey and a very empty stomach because … Continue reading

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8 Time Zones Away From Home

( watch alarm sound ) I move my sleep impaired arm to the source of the noise . After a few tries I finally get to it and the room grows silent again . I struggle out of bed . … Continue reading

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The story ends

So tomorrow i leave Krakow. The place that i have spent for the last 6 months of my life. I thought that the closer the date was for leaving the more excited i would be, and i was, but now … Continue reading

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The Hong Kong Connection

07:00 local time , Hong Kong International Airport . Sitting on a bench in the international flights transfer area with a bottle of  Chinese or should I say Hongkongese * fresh green tea and a noisy family of  nondescript nationality … Continue reading

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Driving on the wrong side of the road

The orientations session started yesterday. My roommate lent me he’s car so I was more nervous about driving than the school itself. It is hard to drive on the wrong side of the road and sit on the wrong side of the car because it’s not easy.  Everything is back to front, for example, when … Continue reading

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