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This time my “fertile” mind hasn’t been capable of organizing a long , well thought entry due to alleged technical hitches in the undersigned’s cerebrum frontal lobe .                       Brain crisis team report reads : ‘No impulses whatsoever on the horizon . Deep neurotic sleep’. Fortunately enough the emergency system has kicked in and I have come up with a PLAN B ( sort of ) .

Bits and pieces  from my Australian notebook .

The Widow Makers

When you go around for a short stroll , when you look out a bus window you cannot miss the “infamous” Stobies . These power line poles made of two steel beams and held apart by a block of concrete in the middle are a consistent feature of the South Australian landscape. Trees are pretty scarse in SA ( it’s not called “the driest of the dry” for nothing), especially  long , strong , straight and termite-resistant ones  . So , in the 1920s , design engineer James Cyril Stobie came up with a solution to the shortage : the Stobie pole .       One small inconvenience .                                                                                                                     If your car unfortunately hits a Stobie , you can get (free of charge) from 240 up to 275,000 volts . Definitely not good for the health .                                                                           As many road accidents involving male drivers have seen their cars crashing into an innocent bystander Stobie pole, they got the nickname : the Widow Makers .

Who wants to be a millionaire ?

Question : ‘Who was the first person to set foot in SA ?’

Answer : A little girl .

The story goes like this .                                                                                                                  After having dropped anchor in Holdfast Bay* Colonel William Light (first Surveyor-General of South Australia ) decided to begin landing operations . Boats were put in the water . Convicts and soldiers alike started rowing toward the sandy beach . However , disputes broke out as to who was going to set foot on land first .                                                 Tired of the endless bickering a little girl hopped off the boat and left her footprints on the sand . She was punished for insubordinate behaviour . Her name forever blotted out of the ship’s roll and history books .

* ‘Holdfast’ because it was the only bay in which the ship’s anchor could actually hold the ship still .


Australians are crazy in love with Boost Juice . Their loving and content look while they walk with their Boost is a sight to see .                                                                                             The company was founded in Adelaide .                                                                                         Its goal : to provide quick , fresh , natural , healthy drinks to rushing around people .            Check out this photo gallery and learn more about the boost juice phenomenon .

Top 2 favourite Australian expressions

1. How ya doing mate ?

2. Catch you later !

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It’s raining outside . Thin , light drops ticketing against the window pane .                          Gloomy mood mode switches on .                                                                                            Emergency system stops running .                                                                                                      Last neurons are out .

Rebooting system….




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  1. Jessica says:

    Alessandro! You are so full of knowledge! Thank you for that history/urban science lesson!

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