So I have been here in Australia for 5 days but it feels like a month. There is alot of things going on, on campus, togheter with the other exchange students and with us, the border crossing students. So far I’ve only met one border crossing student but we have been helping eachother out and as we are taking the same courses we have alot in common.

I’ve had a few shocks though, mainly with how expensive things are here. That is really my biggest concern right now, will the money last? And what do I do if they don’t…I think getting a job is the best idea right now.

On a happier note, the people here are so friendly and helpful. I’ve talked with the exchange coordinator at Griffith and she was wonderful. Not only did she show me how to do something that I’ve struggled with, she helped me all the way through. So when I left the problem was fixed.

My room mates are the same way. I hardly need to ask for help and they are there fixing it, or goes with me to show the way and much more.

We’ve been in Brisbane me and some of the other exchange students I thought I would publish a few of the photos I’ve taken. One is of a bird that is everywhere in the city. The other is a picture of a artificial beach in a park in Brisbane and the last one is taken from a boat that travels along the river through Brisbane.

river side

river side

artificial beach

artificial beach

funny bird

funny bird

Enjoy and take care 🙂

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2 Responses to Time

  1. Jessica Sjöstedt says:

    Hej Cecilia! Hope you like it in your part of Australia. I was also surprised by how expensive everything is, and since the scholarship was eaten up by flight tickets, visa and rent, I think I at least once again have to rely on good old CSN. But it’s all worth it ofcourse, because we are here! And we get to enjoy something most people only dream of! Have fun in Brisbane, and maybe I’ll see you on Facebook!

    • Cecilia Hjortstam says:

      Hi Jessica
      Nice to hear from you 🙂
      Can you apply for CSN when you are in the middle of the semester?
      I didn’t think you could..
      Anyway…I don’t want to apply for CSN untill I have to. I’m still hoping I can survive on the money we got…Besides it makes it easy to go on a diet…not that I planned to… 😉
      Take care!

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