Living on Flinders campus has, I’ve discovered, some advantages and some disadvantages. Advantage: a lot of nice people. Disadvantage: a lot of nice people can have a close look at your underwear when it’s hanging on the community clothes line. Advantage: if you need help or someone to talk to, there’s always someone there. Disadvantage: if you want some alone time, there’s always someone there. Advantage: if you want to go to bed at 11 p.m. you can, cause after eleven campus has to be quiet. Disadvantage: if you want to have fun after 11 p.m. you have to have fun quietly (not my strong suit). Avantage: a lot of different nationalities. Disadvantage: Hutspotgate. Let me elaborate on this.

Tonight the campus organised a streetparty. Everyone was supposed to bring a dish, preferably from their own country. I thought, hell yeah, I’m gonna surprise everyone with some nice Dutch stew: hutspot (for all the none Dutchies, this is mashed potatoes with onions and carrots, and a little bit of butter and milk). I’d made this once for an Italian guy with a friend of mine, and it was a big succes. Of course, it had been winter back then, and obviously, at the moment it is full blown summer in South Australia: reason number one this was never gonna be a success. Anyway, everything started out great. Me and Ariane (my German room mate) started peeling the potatoes, carrots and onions, and we boiled them. But then everything went wrong. The potatoes were to soft, the carrots to hard, we didn’t have a stew stomper (not sure if this is a word, but you know what I mean) so we couldn’t really mix the ingredients proparly and there was too little gravy. Ariane suggested we put in some tomatoes to make it creamier, but the kitchen dictator (that’s me, cause I can’t cook together with other people without bossing them around like a blond, female mussolini) could not accept that. I mean, seriously, tomatoes in hutspot? That’s just too much. After putting in the milk and butter it looked kind of hutspotlike, so we went over to the community centre. Thinking there wouldn’t be much food anyway, I thought, at least we brought something. Of course, there was loads of food. And I mean loads. Seriously, I’m still stuffed. And it all looked fantastic. Here’s a little selection: salads, nachos and dip, different kinds of rice, stir fry vegetable, lasagna, blinies, several cakes, brownies, custard, fresh fruit. And hutspot. Standing there in a big pot, looking like something the cat threw up. Reason number too this mission was going to fail no matter what: hutspot looks like puke. And with all this nice fresh looking food around it, it never stood a chance. Fortunately, because of the amount of delicious food at the streetparty, I still had the best night of my life.


Ps. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I don’t have a spelling checker on this laptop.
Ps2. I’m doing great, enjoying my orientation and Adelaide/Flinders very much. Had a little joostsickness the other day, but skype works miracles! Weather has been hot though!

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  1. bram says:

    Haha i Lolled!

    Oh and for the spelling (didn’t spot errors):

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