Terra Australis Incognita

So here I am in this ancient land.

After what I’ve been through, it seems to be a miracle. Missed flight because of the lack of a student visa, in spite of applying for it many weeks earlier. Information that the next flight will be available in a couple of weeks, which equalled missing enrolment at La Trobe University and in fact failing to meet the requirements of Border Crossing Exchange Program. Visa granted the next morning and an immediately found and booked flight for the same day, thanks to Ms Iwona, who managed to dispatch it… in Singapore.

Two hours later I was on the airport, promising myself that I’ll never be stressed again. I decided to relax for the next 28 hours of travel, which actually consisted of 3 flights. The first of them, from Kraków to Frankfurt, was rather a big leap than a flight if compared to those in the right, Eastern direction, to Singapore and Melbourne. It was a day without morning, lost somewhere along the way because of the time change. The next sunrise came when I was flying over the Australian bush.

Since I was a day late (thank God, just a day) I didn’t have time to settle in and sleep after my arrival. I had to chase people form the trip I had booked, who had already started to move down the Great Ocean Road. After a ride on a bus and then taxi I greeted them in Anglesea, put all the luggage, clothes and weariness aside and surfed waves of the Ocean…

The rest of the trip passed in a wink of an eye. New people, sights, cockatoos, kookaburras, koalas and sun made it all. Afterwards I came to the Uni for the first time, but that’s a whole different story…

So in a mysterious way I’ve managed to come here… Was it just luck or am I on a mission from God here – time will tell. The year without spring has begun.


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2 Responses to Terra Australis Incognita

  1. Marleen Berkhout says:

    Wow, Mateusz, what a story, I can hardly believe it! I’m glad that you arrived safely and wish you a great time! xx

    • Mateusz Kolakowski says:

      Thanx Marleen, I also have to rub my eyes sometimes! ;D
      Is Adelaide fun? I’m gonna check it next weekend, there’ll be this massive WOMADelaide Fest then!

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