I’m going to miss this!

The first week of 5-months study has started and I’m glad for that. The courses I am reading have been very rewarding, but however, I have already read two of them so I’m hoping that I can enroll to other ones. The one I like most so far is Culture, Knowledge and Environment, I strongly recommend other students to enroll this subject.

Townsville is the same, but much cooler than when I arrived about three weeks ago. Three weeks! Can you imagine that I’ve been here for three weeks? it’s amazing how time passes by, I just want to stop the time and just enjoy Townsville in my own rate. Every time I past something I really like I always stop and say to my roommate that I’m going to miss this. I know that I still have five months left but I already feel that I’m going to miss all this. I have met many wonderful people; many of them are either from Norway, Germany or the United States. It is apparently very popular to go abroad to Townsville if you are from the U.S. One of my friends has 14 students from her class here. I have only met two students from Sweden so I don’t think that people in Sweden have realized how amazing Townsville is.

Regarding politics, I have noticed that it is very sensitive to talk or discuss certain things.  It’s very sensitive to discuss the relationship between aborigines and the “Australian” people. When you walk into the store and you notice how people look at each other and look at the natives, I recognize that xenophobia exist everywhere. Another thing that is very sensitive here is Australia’s relationship to England. We were some students who discuss this when Margaret thatcher came up and one of the guys told me that she is an important part of Australian history. This made me a little bit confused, if Margaret thatcher was prime minister of England how can she be important part of Australian history? I realized that I don’t know that much about Australian history, so I went home and started reading. Hopefully I’ll know enough to write on the blog about why it’s sensitive to discuss certain subjects and how it comes that Margaret Thatcher is a part of Australian History.



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4 Responses to I’m going to miss this!

  1. Caroline Climie says:

    Nasra, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for Australian history part 2! Keep the photos and culture observations coming. Love it!

  2. Caroline Climie says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for part 2 of Australian history. Keep the photos and cultural observations coming. Love it!

  3. Nasra Ali says:

    Thanks Caroline! My camera was stolen yesterday but hopefully i will try to buy a new one 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Lily Knox says:

    Hey Nasra,

    I am following the course “Linking Indigenoussnouss” and it is all about the sensible topic of aboriginal people and “australians”. I think you would enjoy it very much, and if you are interested I can get you some readings about the subject.


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