I’m fine

I’ve been spending a lot of time in shops since I’ve arrived in Adelaide. And I don’t mean I’ve been shopping a lot, I just seem to get stuck in shops for long periods of time. Why? Because every time I walk into one, the owner/keeper/staff member asks me, “How’s it going”, and that’s a dangerous question to ask me. See, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and once I get going I just won’t shut up. And seeing that I’ve just been sent to the other side of the planet, and have done more cool things in one week than I have in the last 2 years I have a lot to talk about. The funny thing is, people don’t seem to mind me japping away at all. They seem genuinely interested in the little Dutch girl’s story. In Holland people usually expect you to say fine and move on. Sure, the guy working at the Glenelg ice cream shop didn’t really seem to care about the puking Malaysian kids sitting next to me on the plane (yeah, I know, lucky me), but in general people really seem interested. Still, I don’t think it’s necessary for everybody to know my life’s story, so I should be a bit more concise from now on and try to stick to fine!   X

Me being ignored by a kaola

PS. For anyone interested, I’m doing really good. Flight was fine, and I’ve been having a great first week. My 2nd cousin Mary-Anne and her husband have been keeping me really busy, showing me all the cool things in Adelaide. They are great!! Adelaide is lovely, and my on-campus room is nice too. Tomorrow orientation week starts, can’t wait!

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