Visiting Trine in Copenhagen!


This weekend I went to Copenhagen to visit Trine with Sunny. It was a beautiful city and surprisingly relaxing. I normally find capital cities especially European capital cities too chaotic to see myself living there but in my opinion Copenhagen is a very liveable city… although perhaps a bit too cold for my liking! There are lots of really nice parks and it isn’t too crowded. There is this star shaped island type thing where The Little Mermaid is located and it was the fortress of the city and even today they have military personal patrolling the borders.  Today there are lots of nice walking and running paths there. Unfortunately, the weather was authentically Danish while Sunny and I were there which meant rain, rain, rain! But thanks to Trine our ex house mate and life long friend turned tour guide we were able to see all the main sites in Copenhagen my favourite was seeing the royal family’s jewels in the treasury. Copenhagen is the most north I have ever been and at night the sky looks somehow different. I have no idea why as I am no scientist but it seemed more purple or blue not black like our normal night sky. Another unique thing I noticed about Copenhagen was the street lights. Most the city is lit at night by old fashion lamp style street lights which gives the city a more traditional feel it isn’t as bright as a normal capital city and I think that adds to the relaxing romantic feel of the city.

The buildings in Copenhagen are absolutely beautiful; all are painted in bright colours and are very traditional. It is clear the city council has but a lot of time and effort into creating laws that preserve the traditional city scape. When we were coming out of the treasury we were lucky to see the military band marching past in full formal uniform it was amazing… even if we were wet and freezing cold! I would like to return to Copenhagen in summer so I am sure to get a clear day because apparently on a clear day you can look out from the shore of Copenhagen and see as far as Sweden! We also visited the Little Mermaid and I am not normally interested in statues but this one was truly beautiful. The expression on her face was so sad. We also visited the grave of H. C. Anderson (who wrote the Little Mermaid).

The funniest story of the trip would have to be the first night we had dinner… Sunny couldn’t decipher the menu so picked something at random and it turned out to be a breakfast of muesli, yogurt, pancakes and cheese…. Priceless! It was also my first time staying in a mixed room in a hostel … which was interesting. Sunny and I had to share a room with 4 guys (can’t complain since it was 10 euro per night, clean, modern and in the city centre!). We hadn’t met them and we came home at about 1 am and I heard them stumble in drunk at about 5am. When Sunny and I woke up at 9 to go site seeing I rolled over opened my eyes and the first thing I saw in the bunk across from me was a man sprawled out only wearing underwear… I thought well Good morning and nice to meet you too!

Other than that it was really great to see Trine again and catch up (she truly will be a friend for life) and I already miss her again but at least now I have a very good reason to go back to Denmark in the summer one day! When Trine met us at the airport on Friday afternoon it was like a scene from a movie. Sunny and I saw her and started running towards her and we all had tears in our eyes… it was really nice. Many of Trine’s close friends came out with us to dinner and drinks on the first night and her friend Eva came with us to lunch on Saturday and took us to see a different part of the city. Was very kind of them and we were able to get local knowledge and stories and learn about the Danish culture rather than just being a hopeless tourist frantically looking at maps and getting lost the entire time!


Tomorrow my final class “Transnational Law Perspective” starts so the next few weeks will be very hectic. Next weekend I am catching a bus to Paris to site see and also meet my best friend who also happens to be in Europe and I am really looking forward to seeing an familiar face and catching up as well as going to Paris! I have to say I am getting pretty good at organising my own travel figuring out transport and accommodation on a budget. In 2 and a half weeks I will be done with classes and sadly I will be leaving Utrecht (I will miss so many people!) but I will still have another 3.5 weeks in Europe travelling around Europe  I am meeting a friend from Adelaide in London) and we are going to most of Europe during February so I am pretty excited about that since now I have been to Italy and Denmark recently I really have the travel bug! Muay Thai has been going well I had a nice dinner with the girls from training on Thursday night. We all brought something (I made sushi) it was night to spend time with them outside of training and they were speaking in Dutch the whole time and I could actually follow the conversation! So proud of myself (and I sound like a pretentious gloater again!) Anyway thanks for reading! I hope all of your starts to 2012 have been as nice as mine!

Oh! P.S. Fun fact: The Danish currency is really cool! Lots of the coins have holes in the middle! It was annoying to have to change the euro but once we had it was fun to use different money for the weekend!

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    LOL @ the multi-gender hostel story 😛

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