New Years Eve

I was unhappy to see the end of 2011 because it was such a fantastic year for me and I truly hope 2012 will be even half as good as 2011! I spent New Years Eve with my house mates and we had many friends over for dinner and then we went to a different apartment for the main party. All of us were very annoyed because we were woken up on the 31st early because on the 31st of December and 1st of January Fireworks are legal in the Netherlands so the Dutch people were going crazy for 24hrs straight with these fireworks… Even in the day time! But at midnight all the annoying fireworks were worth it because we stood out on our balcony and there were fireworks everywhere…. It was beautiful – the best fireworks I’ve ever seen.  We followed the Spanish tradition at 12 we ate 12 grapes one for each month of the year. Just like this Christmas was the best of my life I can safely say so was this New Year’s Eve (Even if it was cold and rainy).


I got my results back for my legal ethics class and all went well. My Final class starts on the 9th of January and finishes on the 27th it is called Transnational Law perspective and although I am looking forward to the class I am looking forward to continuing my traveling adventures through Europe on the 28th of January when I will be meeting my friend Melissa to travel through Europe for 4 weeks. This weekend I am going to Denmark to visit Trine and I am very excited about that and the weekend after I am meeting my best friend in Paris for the weekend. So all in all, 2012 is looking pretty promising.

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