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Living in a winter wonderland: the dark, cold downside

For the first time in my life, I can say with convictions that I now truly understand what it feels like to be completely and utterly freezing. With Krakow’s temperatures set to remain below -10 for the entire week, and … Continue reading

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To blog or not to blog…

It would appear as though I have discovered the joys of blogging far too late. Better late than never though, as they say. Its true that over the past 5 months, I’ve found it a real challenge to make regular … Continue reading

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The end is nigh…

Only 11 days are left now of my life in Krakow. In a week and a half, I will have to board the first in a series of planes to make my way back home to North Queensland. Looking back … Continue reading

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Spain, no thank you.

Hi guys, This is just a quick update on what I have been doing the last little while. For Christmas I had the most wonderful time in Austria learning how to ski, visiting a friend and seeing all the beautiful … Continue reading

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Seven Days

I realised this morning that I only have seven days left in Europe. My Swedish residence permit is about to expire. My visa-free travel around Europe will expire soon too. Even if I wanted to stay longer, I couldn’t. As … Continue reading

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how time flies when you’re having fun!

I woke up this morning and it really hit me how quickly one semester can pass! I feel like I really must make the most of these last few weeks, which unfortunately fall on the exam study period 🙂 I … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective

With less than a month until I return to Australia, it has dawned on me how much Krakow has become like home too me. I know and regularly frequent all my favourite places to eat, drink and party and I … Continue reading

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Paris, Je t’aime!

After a hectic week of classes with early mornings, late nights studying and windy cold weather on my morning bike rides I was able to reward myself with a visit to Paris to visit my best friend (who I have … Continue reading

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just be care free.

So it seems but a couple days ago that i arrived in Krakow, but it has already been, lets see now.. 4 and half months, i can’t believe i had to count how long it has been and yet it … Continue reading

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Back to the future

Today I came home to my apartment and noticed four unusual things that made me stop and think. Firstly, I was back home early for a Wednesday, as now classes are beginning  to wind up, as is my internship, and … Continue reading

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