My First Christmas Tree

This post was written about a week and a half ago but its been a busy period, with exams happening and Christmas coming up and lots of other stuff going on, but here is my tree tale.

On Saturday we decided to get a Christmas three and decorate it. The family I live with have a small plastic one but since this is my first ‘real Christmas’, you know with cold weather and indoor fires, Maike thought it would be nice to get a live pine tree. I totally agree with this sentiment and was very excited about the prospect, especially having the pine tree smell around the house.


It turns out that the day after Sinter Klaas (kinda like the Dutch version on the Santa tradition) on the 5th of December you can get a Christmas fur/pine tree on almost every corner. Which is great for us but we wanted to get a tree that had roots so we could plant it for the next year. So down we went to the local garden centre to look for the perfect tree (apparently it was the smaller version of the one they have in the city, it was still massive… think Bunnings but bigger).


The theme for decorating the tree is red and gold, a beautiful combination for Christmas and the added bonus of matching the house perfectly (the people I live with love to burn candles at night which is really lovely and creates a nice cosy atmosphere particularly with such early evenings).


At the store we got some more decorations because going from a cute little tree to one that is almost my height and at least 4-6 times wider than me requires a lot more tinsel. It was amazing how busy everyone was picking out just the right decorations for their Christmas trees, and we did the same, each picking out our own special decoration to go on our tree. Getting the tree in to the car was a bit of a challenge, we ended up putting it in the front seat lying down.


Once home we got to the fun bit of putting everything on to the tree although not until we had rearranged the whole living room to fit the new tree. A combination of; fairy lights, tinsel, baubles, mushrooms, pinecone light and other decoration all tumbled onto the tree to make the most amazing on I have ever seen and I had a hand in making it to. J


I am not a very big fan of Christmas and the Christmas season but I must say it was nice to get into the excitement of tree decoration and I am very much hoping for a magically white Christmas and long dreamed for moment of standing in falling snow flakes.


The next day had me wondering where the tree tradition of Christmas came from. If anyone is interested this is what I found it is a Christian story about an old St that cut down a Pagan oak tree and a fir tree grew up in its place. But the tradition of bring plants and trees into the home can be traced through many cultures and religions almost always a way of celebrating the year past and a sign of hope. Christmas today is very different but it is nice that most people still get together and give thanks for the friends and family around them.

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