Where does time go?

I have found myself asking myself this question a lot lately and have come to the corny conclusion that time is the energy we use to create memories. It scares me how time has flown since arriving 3 and half months ago here in Utrecht. It scares me even more to think that now we are half way through December and 2011 is nearly over. I am shocked that all the Christmas lights are out and I have sent Christmas cards home – Where did this year go?


I am not sure why but lately I have been engaging in a lot of deep thinking, a lot of self evaluating and evaluating society and the world. I am not sure if it is the frame of mind my Legal Ethics course has created or if it has to do with being away from ‘home’ (wherever that is…) on the other side of the world. Living with so many people from different cultures has really influenced my perspective on the world, I have really been enjoying discussing ‘the big issues’ with some of the other students I live with and learning their opinions.  Like most people I get creative when I find myself thinking deeply so in the spirit of honesty and transparency here’s this week’s creation…


Be courageous and find paths to protect the weak,

Listen to your heart even when others try to change the beat,

Be bold and stand up for those who have lost their voice,

Be creative and provide the vulnerable with a choice,

Don’t get lost in the shades of grey, sometimes there is a right and wrong,

Follow your heart and its unique song,

Now learn its melody and sing along.


Other than being in deep thought and creativity over the past week I have also been studying for my Legal Ethics exam on Tuesday and yesterday I went to Amsterdam with a big group of friends for a music festival which proved to be an amazing 24 hours.


A blog post wouldn’t be complete without me having a rant about the crazy Dutch weather. The wind was insane this week. I literally got blown off my bike on Wednesday night. I have been missing the warm Australian weather lately but I am also starting to get worried about leaving this place because I have formed some really close friendships. I figure that if Trine’s tragic good-bye is a sign of how bad all the other good-byes are going to be, I  think I might have to start hydrating now so I won’t die from dehydration when I bid everyone farewell….

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