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Last week’s internship meeting was very exciting for me, as I was able to meet someone who is currently involved in urban and environmental planning in the area of Rosengård. This was an exciting prospect as for the last 3 years I have been studying urban and environmental planning as a part of my double degree. I think this opportunity was so appealing because I am yet to have any practical experience in an urban planning department. I was interested to see and hear what the similarities and differences were when planning for urban areas in Sweden. What are urban planning issues in Sweden, more specifically Malmö? Does Sweden adopt similar planning principles to Australia? Do Swedish communities share similar wants and needs as Australian communities?


As suspected there was considerable overlap between planning principles in Sweden and Australia. Communities around the world all seek to achieve similar outcomes for the areas they reside in. People want to feel safe in their area; people desire to live in areas which are aesthetically pleasing; people want a sense of place and belonging when living in an area. And it is up to planners to ascertain the values of these residents, accurately convey these values through developments and facilitate the successful implementation of the community’s needs and wants. So interesting to be able to study the area and hear the new developments and proposals which have been designed in the area. I look forward to seeing these developments implemented and further whether practically they helped overcome the current issues within the area.






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