Block 2, Fog, Goodbyes and Muay Thai


This week we started block two and since my classes for block two are divided into two intensive courses taken consecutively at the moment I am only taking one class – legal ethics.  So far I am loving it, the class is a level three course so there is a fair bit more work involved than in my previous classes taken here in Utrecht. I am enjoying the class because I have been wanting to get a deeper understanding of law and morality as the further I get into my law degree it  becomes harder and harder to know what is ethical and what is not so I am hoping this class can offer me some perspective.  For the class we have to write a three thousand word essay and every student has a supervisor so I am very lucky to be taking the course as I think it will be very educational.


On Wednesday Mathew Fitzpatrick from Flinders University came to Utrecht to give a lecture on European Imperialism and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend and have the opportunity of meeting some Dutch students who will be coming to Australia next semester.  I met Marleen who will be coming to Adelaide in February and I look forward to meeting up with her again in Utrecht and later in Adelaide when I will get to show her around my city!


On Thursday night some of Trine’s friends from Denmark were here in Utrecht so we all went out and had a really lovely evening even if the weather is getting pretty cold now! I also bumped into some of the guys I train with at the club we went to so I guess it is safe to say I have met a lot of people here! On Friday night we had our family dinner night and sat and chatted at the apartment.


Yesterday I went with Nora (one of the girls I train with) to Tilburg to watch Ruby and some of the other people I train with fight in a gala. It was really great because Ruby won! The place was really nice because the muay thai community in the Netherlands has a lot of Turkish and Moroccan people as well as native Dutch and it was nice to see something positive coming out of immigration (even if the newspapers don’t write about the positive things) Nora and I enjoyed a Turkish pizza while everyone was drinking Heineken and Jupiter.  We stopped in Den Bos on the way to Tilburg to have a look around the city. I like Den Bos because the architecture was really old and it is a smaller city. Unfortunately on the way home Nora and I may or may not have forgotten to swipe our cards before getting on the train (so difficult to understand the new  train system in the Netherlands!) and the stop before Utrecht we saw the ticket inspectors get on so we got off the train and that meant a 6 km walk at 1.30 am to Utrecht central station and then a bike ride home after that… pretty funny (in retrospect).


Trine is returning to Denmark tomorrow which is very sad for me because she is the best friend I have made here and she will be a friend for life. I am sad but I will definitely go to visit her in Copenhagen before I return to the land of sun and surf. But tonight Trine is cooking us a Danish meal so I am excited about that! Other than that the weather is incredibly foggy! I literally couldn’t see 10m in front of me when I was riding my bike home last night and it was so cold that my hands went numb even though I was wearing gloves! Today it was foggy all day as my friend Dale described it you couldn’t tell where the ground started and where the sky started all day! Julio said to me in the kitchen (at 5pm) “Oh no, it is already dark” to which I replied “in all fairness, it didn’t really get light today!”

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