Volunteering at the Impakt film festival

A while ago when I was visiting a friend at her hostel I picked up this flyer looking or volunteers. Turns out it was a good thing I grabbed it as I have just spent the last weekend working at the festival.


Impakt is an organisation that has an annual festival as well as other events through out the year. The line from the website best explains what they do:

—-   ‘The Impakt Foundation focuses on presenting and stimulating innovative audiovisual artsin an interdisciplinary context.”   —-

The theme for this festival was ‘need to know’ with in the media and if the average person in society should have access to all media and information or if it should be censored.

I did several different jobs for the festival. Pre-festival there was helping to distribute the newspapers and putting up posters. Then there was an evening shift at the Drop Stuff which is a giant screen that was put up to shows various films and clips before and during the festival.


The night at the Drop Stuff was great! Going from 5pm till 11p with just two of us, it was lucky we got on really well. While we were there the system had some minor technical issues near the beginning but other wise pretty smooth sailing. We checked the outside screen and walked around every hour or so, in between we played some of the supplied board games.

The festival ran from Thursday till Sunday 6th of November, of which I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday for all the hours that there were events at ‘t Hoogt. In this location I was a location manager for one of the cinema venues. ‘t Hoogt http://www.hoogt.nl/ is a lovely older style cinema and restaurant.


My job description was assisting and facilitating the programs at the venue: managing volunteers, the public and guests, keeping contact with the location’s coordinator and keeping an eye on the café where guests and staff will eat dinner.


Starting at ‘t Hoogt was the hardest part because no one seemed to know what I was supposed to be doing and everyone said something different. I was also a bit stressed because I had just finished an exam and was in the place for the first time.


After the first stumble the weekend went great. It was fun meeting some of the other volunteers and also the people that worked towards the festival. There were many people that came to view the events which were shown. The screenings were usually compilations of short films and but there were also some feature length shows. And with an introduction and a question and answer session at the end with the artist t was interesting.


Unfortunately because I was working or studying for uni during most of the festival I only got to see a few events. But luckily for me I sometimes had time to watch some of the films while I was on the job and when I wasn’t there were a few activities that I went to.

The festival had such a variety of content for really heavy films to light hearted ones. I loved the fact that with all the different films there was something for everyone. I had lots of fun and have always enjoyed volunteering as it is great experience and you can meet new and interesting people.


If you are interested here is the website: http://www.impakt.nl/

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