Brussels and Back

The concept of catching a train to another country is kinda for me, not the train part but the changing of countries. The anticipation of crossing the border, having my passport checked and that confirming little stamp in my passport, I know it’s not much but it tells a story.

Turns out my passport wasn’t even checked! For that matter my train ticket wasn’t even asked for. The closest I came to authority was a lovely guy who walked up and down the train with a trolley serving instant coffee. It was even difficulty to tell when I had gone fro being in the Netherlands in to Belgium. As far as I could tell there were no changes but the subtle ones that happened gradually.

While I am in Europe I have a lot of places I would like to see and Belgium was on the top of my list, not for obvious reasons like the beer and chocolate (wink, wink) but others that are ingrained from my childhood and reading fiction. They have to do with comics such as Tintin and mysteries with the infamous Hercule Poriot.


So, my first stop once I had worked out where I was to stay the night was the comic museum, and I have to say it was fantastic, even without being able to read most of the information. The history is amazing and the amount of strips they have stockpiled is great, at any one time you can only see a small percentages of the collection. Another thing I thought was fantastic was comic strips and images that are all around the city

What I can say about Brussels it hat when I was there it was very wet and got wetter each day! But despite that my impressions are … Wow, what an amazing city Brussels is.


I was there for two nights a feel though I could probably have stayed a lot longer. Eventually I found a hostel to stay and got a free map which by the end of the weekend looked like it had been through a years worth of travel. The weekend was full of mishaps from weather to loss of access to money to failure of communication but despite that what I see when I think of Brussels is the variety of buildings.


It amazed me how a city could be so run dawn with many abandoned areas while also being one of the leading sustainable development cities in Europe. While I was the a friend I met up with and I climbed up a scaffolding structure which explained some of the work that was taking place. It was really great to see the effort and the pride that came from such a project.

Finally the beer and chocolate, what more can I say it definitely lived up to it reputation. We went to the little chocolate museum that had a demonstration about the process of chocolate and different varieties, who knew that the Belgium’s where the first to make the infamous praline style of chocolate. And beer, Beer there are just too many to try them all. I think even if I was there for a year I would not get through them all.


The things I got for this single weekend are plenty and the one piece of advice I will give if you will take it is… Go! Just do it



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