Returning to my home in Rome

I cant help but instantly smile. The bitter sweet arrival, pungent with strong coffee. Italy’s alive! Everyone is making eye contact and no-ones afraid to follow it through, a question a wink a smile. I’m walking fast, it feels good after a flight, feeling tall and strong under the weight of my baggage.

I help someone out, confirming that this was the right line to buy a ticket.

I drink an espresso, standing up at the bar, it lingers in my mouth, creamy, warm, invigorating. I drank it fast and finally said ‘grazie’ again – it poured out fast and a bit nonchalant, like i had been saying it after every caffe all my life.

The man from the ticket line bows his head and smiles at me, he looks infected too.

I strode on to my place on the platform and quickly write… I couldnt be more in love with my love affair with Roma. The train home confirms – I think its mutual 😉

About Kate Samuels

Hi everyone! I'm Kate, I'm in my fifth year of a bachelor of social work and international relations and feel so very lucky to be studying political science at Roma Tre! Im currently spending alot of time absorbing Italian culture and the European perspective on politics!
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